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music activities

In music we sing a great deal but we also use music for educational purposes. We play lots of games involving music such as the "Spot" game. It's somewhat like musical chairs but with colored spots. Each spot has a number on one side and a musical note on the other. At the start of the music the students pick a spot. When music stops I call at a math problem and the student standing on the answer is out. Or I call at a musical note and it works the same way. The student's love this game!

I love to use puppets. Even the older student's enjoy them. I like to let the puppets talk or sing instead of me all the time. Eventually I will let the children perform with the puppets.

We are not trying to make rock stars but I try lots of ways to involve the students in solo singing so that we can create an atmosphere where they feel they can be creative in singing and in dance and not be made fun of.

We are actually going to begin Christmas practice for the 2nd and 3rd graders soon. there will be one musical for each of the two grades. The Kg. and 1st grade students will perform in spring musicals at end of the year.

Our student's are also asked to sing at various functions in our community. We sing at the civic center at Christmas and the public library on Veterans day. The community loves to hear our kids sing.

Limbo, musical chairs, and musical beanbag are a few of the games that the students enjoy.

Instruments are their favorite. I change lots of common songs to accomodate instruments. such as "Wheels on the Bus". We simply change the words to instruments instead of bus parts.

I like to surprise the student's with silly hats or glasses. It doesn't matter to me that I look silly but that they enjoy it.

First and foremost I strive for music to be one of their favorite classes. It tells me that they are having fun learning, sometimes they are not even aware they are learning! It helps that I enjoy singing and dancing as much as they do. Because when adults are not looking I can be as silly as I want in music class, the kids love it!