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Welcome to HG Temple Elementary School!                                Students will be released at 11:30 am on Friday, March 10                               Spring Break will be March 13-17, 2017                                                 School will resume on Monday, March 20, 2017
Phyllis Kirkland » Daily Schedule and Contact Info

Daily Schedule and Contact Info

7:30-8:00...Kg.Hall Duty
8:10-8:56...3rd grade music
8:58-9:42...3rd grade music
9:42-10:28...kg music
10:28-11:14...kg music
11:14-12:00...1st grade music
12:00-12:30- LUNCH
12:50-1:36...1st grade music
1:36-2:22..2ndgrade Music
2:22-3:08...2nd grade music


course overview

Music classes are taught that we can learn through music in various ways.  Many songs we sing contain concepts that are taught in the regular classroom.  Students learn simple rhythm patterns and how to sing using those patterns.  The younger students learn the difference between the speaking voice and the singing voice.  All the students get the opportunity to use various instruments.  Students also get plenty of movement as we integrate music with PE. Musical terms are also taught througout the year. 

I work closely with the Intermediate music teacher to make sure that what we cover will help those students in the following years.

Music is made fun as we use games and movements to teach make sure that each student enjoys music in some form.

The 2013-2014 Year at a Glance

Many fun learning activities are planned for this year.  We will learn music that parallels with concepts being studied in the classroom.  Christmas and Spring programs will be planned.  2nd and 3rd grade will have the opportunity to begin learning some simple rhythm patterns.  Lots of fun games are planned with music. 

Learning through music will be the focus for this year.